Twitter users declare eggs a ‘luxury item’ as prices soar: ‘The new bitcoin’

Twitter users declare eggs a 'luxury item' as prices soar: 'The new bitcoin'

Twitter users appeared disgusted at the rising price of eggs and called it “ridiculous” as some labeled them a “luxury item.” 

Multiple users noted the high cost of a carton of eggs at Whole Foods and posted photos showing prices as high as $11.49. 

“I never thought EGGS would become a luxury item,” conservative commentator Mike Cernovich wrote. 

The price of eggs has tripled in certain places across the U.S. in the last year, according to CBS News. The price per carton surged as high as 49.1% in November, according to the Consumer Price Index. 

“$11.49 for eggs at Whole Foods,” tweeted former UFS fighter Jake Shields.

Other photos posted to Twitter showed empty refrigerators at different grocery stores and noted that eggs were “completely sold out.”

Genevieve Roch-Decter, the CEO of Grit Capital, a financial media company, said eggs were the “new bitcoin” and posted a graph showing the average price of eggs skyrocketing. 

Others, such as writer Emily Hoeven, compared the empty shelves to the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when stores were completely sold out of toilet paper. “Looks like eggs are the new toilet paper,” she tweeted.

The avian flu affected egg production as a more than 50 million birds died from the disease last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Another Twitter user weighed in on the egg prices and claimed they were 99 cents over a year ago, compared to $3.49 at Harris-Teeter.

Eggs graph
Genevieve Roch-Decter, the CEO of Grit Capital said that “eggs are the new bitcoin.”

Rapper Cardi B recently slammed the overall increase in the price of groceries earlier this month, calling grocery prices “ridiculous.”

“Lettuce was like $2 a couple months ago and now it’s like f—ing $7, of course I’m [going to] say something. The f—?” she said.  

Cardi B also said that she couldn’t imagine how middle-class Americans were reacting to high prices. 

“Cause if I think that s— is crazy, I could only imagine what middle class people or people in the hood [are] motherf—ing thinking,” she said.

“How can eggs cost more than the whole chicken?” questioned writer Michael Harriot.

“At my store, the manager said they were actually losing money on eggs despite the high prices,” added Rob Zerwekh.

Mid-Michigan NOW’s Dave Bondy posted a photo of egg prices showing a carton of 18 eggs for $8.99 in Texas. 

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