Two elementary school kids exiting bus in Washington DC shot

Two elementary school kids exiting bus in Washington DC shot

Three people — including two elementary school kids on their way home from school — were shot after a gunman unleashed an attack on a Washington DC bus Wednesday.

The shooter was aiming for another rider, Chief of Police Robert Contee said at a press conference following the 4 p.m. assault.

Instead, a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old were shot, and an adult man was shot twice.

“An idiot with a gun shot it indiscriminately and shot two children,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

“Know what you’re doing when you’re six years old? You’re coloring in coloring books, you’re playing dress up with your siblings, you’re going to birthday parties. It’s what you do when you’re six years old. You shouldn’t be fighting for your life or recovering from a gunshot because of an idiot with a gun who doesn’t care about his own life. Who doesn’t care about theirs.”

Contee said seven people rushed onto the full Metro bus at a stop in the Brightwood neighborhood and began assaulting one of the passengers.

The fight then spilled onto the sidewalk. One of the assaulters pulled out a gun and began firing.

Police arrive to the scene.
Seven people rushed onto a Washington DC Metro bus and began firing, police said.

Police arrive to the scene.
Two elementary-aged children and an adult man were caught in the crossfire.


District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser speaks to members of the media about her plans.
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said the shooter was an “idiot with a gun.”


The children, who were accompanied by adults, had just exited the bus when they were shot, Contee said. They ran back into the car and the bus driver drove the passengers to safety.

The group of assaulters sprinted from the scene, police said. Their intended target also left, but was found not far from the bus.

The three victims were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police are still looking for the group and the shooter, who is described as a Hispanic male in his 20s wearing dark pants and a dark jacket.

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