Uber Security Breach Reported

It’s been a couple of weeks since a big security breach has been reported so you just knew one was due and this time its Uber that has been breached.

The names and license plate numbers of about 50,000 Uber drivers were compromised in a security breach last year, the company revealed Friday.

Uber discovered a possible breach of its systems in September, and a subsequent investigation revealed an unauthorized third party had accessed one of its databases four months earlier, the company said.

The files accessed held the names and license plate numbers of about 50,000 current and former drivers, which Uber described as a “small percentage” of the total. About 21,000 of the affected drivers are in California. The company has several hundred thousand drivers altogether.

Uber is currently in the process of notifying the affected drivers and advising them to monitor their credit reports for fraudulent transactions and accounts. Uber has also stated that it has not received any reports of actual misuse of the data.

As has become the typical response of companies who have had their data breached Uber will provide a year of free identity protection service to the affected drivers.

Uber has also said that it has filed a “John Doe” lawsuit Friday to help it confirm the identity of the party responsible for the breach.

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