US made record 1.9 million migrant arrests in 2021

US made record 1.9 million migrant arrests in 2021

US officials made a record 1.9 million arrests along the southern border in 2021, new data reveals.

The numbers, whose release stemmed from a lawsuit against the Biden administration filed by the GOP attorneys general in Missouri and Texas, revealed that just over 20 percent of those arrested, or 402,000, were released into the US for further processing or asylum hearings.

That’s a drop from before the pandemic began, when roughly 56 percent of immigrants arrested were released, the Wall St. Journal reported. 

The data also found most of the rest of the 1.9 million arrested were expelled from the US and sent back to Mexico or their home countries under Title 42 — a policy the administration has used to deport migrants during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The suit seeks to block the Biden administration from stopping the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy that requires migrants to wait south of the border while their asylum claims are considered.

Of the 1.9 million arrested, 402,000 were allowed into the US for asylum hearings or further processing, while the rest were sent back to Mexico or their home countries.
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Twenty percent of arrested immigrants were released in 2021, down from pre-pandemic levels where 56 percent of arrested immigrants were released.
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The overall number of arrests does appear to vary slightly. Calculations done by The Post based on monthly data released by US Customs and Border Protection found that officials made just over 2 million arrests from January through December in 2021.

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