US soldier appears to let migrants onto private Texas property


Shocking footage appears to show a US soldier opening a gate to let a steady stream of border crossers into private property in Texas — then watching on as a bus pulls up to whisk them away.

Footage shared by Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin late Monday starts with a woman in military gear calmly backing up from a high fence in Eagle Pass as the gate is casually opened up.

In just over a minute, dozens of people casually walk through the opening — with others still slowly walking toward it as the clip ends.

As they enter, a small craft watches on from the river, which Melugin said was Border Patrol.

The same female soldier who appeared to have opened the gate then comes back into the frame, calmly watching the new arrivals as a white bus pulls up with another vehicle behind.

Melugin said that the clip, from early Monday, “shows a large group of migrants crossing illegally onto private property.”

The Texas National Guard denied the soldier was one of their troops — instead saying it was “a Title 10 soldier from the Missouri [Army National Guard]” under orders from the federal government and working with Border Patrol.

Start of the video seemingly showing female US solider opening gate to allow migrants onto private property in Texas.
A female US soldier opened the gate, according to Fox LA’s Bill Melugin.
Twitter / @BillFOXLA

Neither the National Guard nor Border Patrol immediately responded to requests for comment early Tuesday.

However, the clip sparked plenty of outrage online.

“It’s harder to get into most secure office buildings,” one person replied, calling it “ridiculous.”

Footage showing migrants who'd just entered through open gate waiting to get onto a white bus.
The same soldier watched on as a bus pulled up.
Twitter / @BillFOXLA

“Thank God there’s a camera there so we can watch them all come through in a nice orderly fashion,” one commentator said.

Another claimed it showed that “the govt told em where to cross.”

The video came after it emerged that 530,000 so-called “gotaways” — illegal immigrants known to have entered the country but have not been caught — have been recorded since last October.

Bill Melugin's tweets with the video.
Officials told Melugin that the soldier was “under orders” from the federal government and working with Border Patrol.
Twitter / @BillFOXLA

More migrants are expected to head to the US now that Title 42 — the pandemic-era law allowing many to be booted — has been lifted.

The Border Patrol’s union has called it “the worst sustained disaster … ever seen at our border.”

President Biden, however, has maintained that the border with Mexico is looking “much better than you all expected.”

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