Uvalde survivor’s dad wants ‘coward’ cops to hear 911 call

Uvalde survivor's dad wants 'coward' cops to hear 911 call

A young Uvalde school shooting survivor begged 911 for help even as shots rang out around her — a heartbreaking call her parents now want to be heard by every “coward” Texas cop who failed to help her.

Dad Miguel Cerrillo told CNN that he was “heartbroken” and “speechless” when he heard the 911 call his daughter Miah Cerrillo had made as she hid from the teen gunman who slaughtered 19 pupils and two teachers.

“He’s shooting!” the fourth-grader cried at one point — with a burst of gunfire ending with an eerie silence from the wounded who’d previously been screaming for help, CNN said.

Miah, who turns 12 on Friday, first begged for help at 12:30 p.m. — 30 minutes before the officers she could hear in the hallway finally stormed the classroom and ended 19-year-old sicko Salvador Ramos’ carnage.

While his daughter and a friend, Khloie Torres, “had the courage” to grab their dying teacher’s phone and call 911, “the officers didn’t have the courage to go in and protect innocent kids,” Cerrillo said.

“If children are calling and saying that they’re hurt or in the classroom, that shows you that they are really cowards,” Cerrillo said of the cops.

“All the officers who were there should hear this audio — so they can understand what the hell the kids are going through, and these suckers are just outside,” he said.

Miah Cerrillo
Miah Cerrillo survived the Uvalde mass school shooting.
Miguel Cerrillo
Miguel Cerrillo testifies during a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on gun violence on June 8.
Andrew Harnik/REUTERS
Miguel Cerrillo, father of Miah Cerrillo,
Cerrillo called the Uvalde police officers cowards.
Jason Andrew/The New York Times/AP

Cerrillo said he “broke down” when he heard the call because he finally knew “why my daughter was so mad” at not getting rescued for 77 minutes after Ramos stormed Robb elementary.

“If my daughter and Khloie had the courage to take the phone away from the teacher, to call 911, to let them know that they’re still alive and they need help — why did not one officer jump and say, ‘Hey, we need to go in there?’” he asked.

“They still waited outside for a very long time to get any kids, to kick the door down — anything. They took too long.”

His daughter also told him that at least one of the two teachers who had been shot “would still be alive” if officers had responded earlier. Eva Mireles, 44, had called her school cop husband to say she’d been shot, but died before help came, it was previously confirmed.

“A lot of these kids would have still been alive if these officers would have breached that door as soon as they heard that phone call,” he insisted.

That appeared to be backed up by the full audio of the leaked call, CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz told viewers, sounding emotional as he discussed parts that were too horrific to air.

“At some point, you stop hearing noises in the background. You stop hearing people — the kids, teachers.

“People who had been wounded and who were screaming for help — at some point, you no longer hear them … it goes silent,” he said.

But “even after those gunshots are fired, even after the officers knew that these kids were inside the classroom alive — trapped with this gunman, with the gunshots being fired — it still took almost 30 minutes” for them to act, he said.

Miah Cerrillo
Miah Cerrillo was a student at Robb Elementary School where 21 people were shot dead.

The network previously aired audio of 10-year-old Torres repeatedly begging for help, telling the dispatcher at one point: “I don’t wanna die.”

The clips were given to CNN by a source, but Anderson Cooper stressed that it was “the parents of the kids in this report who want this made public.”

“For months now, in addition to everything else they have had to bear, they have been misled over and over again about what happened, which is why they want this audio played and this story told,” he said.

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