Venus and Serena Williams’ childhood home is crumbling ruin

Venus and Serena Williams' childhood home is crumbling ruin

Venus and Serena Williams’ childhood home, where they trained with their father and coach Richard, has fallen into disrepair.

A large section of the $1.1 million mansion’s exterior has rotted away, right above the front door, pictures show. The four-bedroom West Palm Beach home is vacant, according to The Sun.

Richard Williams purchased the property in 1995 for $355,000 and trained there with his soon-to-be tennis champion daughters while they were teenagers.

Williams sisters dad
The famous tennis sisters trained at the house with their father, Richard Williams.
Paul Harris/Getty Images

The patriarch was forced to relinquish the property in 2017, after divorcing his third wife, Lakeisha Williams.

Since then, the home has gone into foreclosure. It is scheduled to be auctioned at the end of February.

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