Vermont man Nathan Carman charged with killing his mother at sea for $7M inheritance

Vermont man Nathan Carman charged with killing his mother at sea for $7M inheritance

A Vermont man was indicted Tuesday on charges that he let his mom drown in order to get his hands on his $7 million inheritance.

Nathan Carman, 28, is facing eight counts in the 2016 murder of Linda Carman in Rhode Island in a bid for the titanic payoff.

Carman was found floating in a raft alone eight days after he and his mother went on a fishing trip in 2016 off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

Carman had initially told the Coast Guard that when the boat began to fill with water he swam to the raft and called for his mother but he never saw her. Witnesses stated that they saw Carman remove stabilizing trim tabs from the stern, near the vessel’s waterline, leaving holes that he tried to seal with an epoxy stick.

Relatives of Carman have also accused Carmen of killing his mother and grandfather in an attempt to get his hefty inheritance.

In 2013, Vermont police named Carmen as a person of interest in the mysterious death of John Chakalos, who died at his home in Windsor, Connecticut after being shot three times in the head.

Nathan is facing eight counts for allegedly murdering his mother, Linda Carman.
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John Chakalos
John Chakalos is Nathan Carman’s grandfather.
Nathan Carman
Carman and his mother Linda were in this boat when it sank off the coast of Rhode Island.
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Nathan Carman
Carman was indicted on charges alleging he killed his mother at sea to inherit the family’s estate.
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Nathan Carman
Federal agents execute a search warrant at Nathan Carman’s residence.
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Police never filed criminal charges, but issued a search warrant for the then-22-year-old’s apartment saying that he was the last person to see his grandfather alive — Carman had dinner with him the night he was killed.

The 28-year-old was arrested on Tuesday and is expected to appear in a federal court Wednesday in Rutland, Vermont.

William Michael, an attorney for Carman’s mother’s sisters, said that family had no immediate comment.

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