Video shows thieves brazenly clearing out LA Sephora store

Video shows thieves brazenly clearing out LA Sephora store

A trio of fearless thieves emptied the shelves inside a high-end makeup store in Los Angeles as stunned shoppers watched in amazement amid the nation’s ongoing shoplifting crisis, according to a video clip posted online.

The 47-second recording shows the crooks wearing hoodies over their heads as they grab various cosmetics and stuff them into black trash bags.

“Oh, my God. Oh, my f–king God,” one woman said while recording the heist on her cellphone.

“F–king lowlifes.”

At least two workers stood nearby as the scene played out, then followed the shoplifters as they scurried toward the exit before calmly strolling off with their haul.

The caper took place at the Sephora outlet in the Los Cerritos Center mall around 9 p.m. Saturday and was among several similar incidents reported there that night, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told Fox 11 LA.

A Forever 21 store was the first business targeted, followed by the Sephora store, the LASD said.

Shoplifters grab items from shelves and stuff them into bags.
Three thieves stormed into the Los Cerritos Center mall in Los Angelos and brazenly cleared shelves.
TikTok/Jessica Ortiz

The video was posted Sunday on TikTok by user @jessleetv, who added text saying, “I was just trying to pick out concealer then I heard a BANG…..CERRITOS MALL 5/28 at 8:50 PM.”

It quickly went viral, racking up more than 1.4 million views by Monday evening.

The unidentified criminals appear to have been two males and a female, leading one commenter to say, “Her confidence to do that while wearing slides.”

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