Virginia bill would recognize a fetus as a carpool lane passenger

Virginia bill would recognize a fetus as a carpool lane passenger

Lawmakers say she’s driving for two.

A fetus would be recognized as a “passenger” in carpool lanes and toll booths on Virginia expressways, according to a new state bill.

Under the legislation, sponsored by Delegate Nicholas Freitas (R-Orange County), a woman must provide “proof of pregnancy” to the state’s Transportation Department to get the privileged driving status.

After she has proven that she has a bun in the oven, the data would then be logged into a toll collection device, such as an E-Z Pass, according to House Bill 1894, which was filed Monday.

pregnant woman behind the wheel of a car
A pregnant driver would be considered two passengers under the proposed bill.
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“A pregnant woman shall be considered two people for the purposes of determining occupancy in HOV and HOT lanes,” the legislation proclaims.

The bill is likely to receive backlash from pro-choice activists who generally view “personhood” laws about unborn children as a path to undermining abortion access.

But the bill is not likely to pass because Virginia’s state legislature is split between the Republican-controlled House of Delegates and the Democratic-held Senate, according to FOX News.

The bill is currently pending with no voting date set.

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