Waffle House worker, customer brawl in Atlanta: video

Waffle House worker, customer brawl in Atlanta: video

An employee at a Waffle House in Atlanta tossed out a man who was arguing with other customers, serving up a brutal takedown in the process, wild video shows.

The footage, which went viral on Twitter after being posted early Sunday, shows a man in an orange T-shirt arguing with women at a counter as another person laughs at the Waffle House on Buford Highway in Atlanta.

“Waffle House on Buford was turnt,” a caption reads.

One woman put her hand in front of the male customer’s face as they argued at the counter. A second woman then joined the squabble, telling him to “just be easy,” the footage shows.

The video then cuts to show a man in a Waffle House uniform dragging the male customer to the door by his shirt collar before they furiously trade punches.

At one point, the Waffle House worker sends the man to the ground before he regains his footing as the 39-second clip posted by ATL Uncensored ends.

Twitter users, meanwhile, had a field day with the footage, including one who said Waffle House employees are the “undefeated heavyweight champions” of the world.

“Waffle House employee training program must come with self-defense lessons cause they don’t ever lose a fight,” another tweet read.

A Waffle House restaurant.
Authorities have not commented on the reported brawl between an Waffle House employee and a man interrupting customers.
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One person even insisted the fight was “way better” than any other recently televised boxing matches.

“That guy who got whooped by the Waffle House employee got his a— scattered, smothered and covered,” another tweet read.

Atlanta police told The Post Monday that the restaurant was out of its jurisdiction, referring inquires to Chamblee or Gwinnett County police. Chamblee cops said the Waffle House was under the patrol of the Brookhaven Police Department, which did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

A woman who answered Waffle House’s media line said no one was available to comment on the footage, saying corporate offices were closed due to the Labor Day holiday. Calls to the restaurant, meanwhile, went unanswered.

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