WC Tech Blog @ Flipboard


You can now subscribe to the “West Chester Technology Blog” through Flip board. If you have an iPhone or IPad and you use Flip board, simply click here (from those devices) to subscribe. Once done you can enjoy this fine technology blog right from the comfort of Flip board.

What is Flip board? Flip board makes use of iOS devices to transform blog posts, social networking feeds, images, video, and articles into an impressive layout that replicates the print reading experience, essentially putting traditional RSS readers out of business for most users.  If you recently heard that Google Reader was put out to pasture, know that this app and other similar ones are probably responsible.

This is a great app for collecting material from topics you are interested in and placing them into a very readable – magazine like format. I am holding out hope that an official Flip board app arrives to the Windows 8 store soon.