Websites to Make Money with the CPA Lead Program

CPAlead soon to be Monetize Digital is one of the biggest CPA (Cost Per Action) networks with a unique way of website monetization.  It uses gateway technology which allows you to lock certain items or pages on your website.  Visitors that want to access the page or download the item need to complete short surveys provided by CPAlead.  Once they have completed the surveys, they can download or access the page directly, and you get your commission.
With its innovative way of website monetization CPAlead offers a better way to monetize your content.  There are various types of websites that you can use effectively with CPAlead.  Here are 5 of the most effective sites to use:
1. File Download Site
It is similar to a file-sharing website.  But instead of providing free access for your downloads you provide the download after your visitors complete the surveys from CPAlead.  Most of your visitors will complete the surveys if you provide files that offer them value in exchange for their time.  File download sites are great for monetizing effectively using CPAlead gateway.
2. Free Stuff Site
Here you are giving away free stuff or information about where to get free things such as free web hosting, free software, free samples or free products.  You will give the information about how to get all sorts of free gear by allowing your readers to complete the CPAlead surveys.  In this way, you are monetizing your free stuff site effectively.
3. Coupon Website
Here you are giving away free coupons for various stores that your visitors can use to get some discounts when they shop there.  Your visitors that want to get the coupon codes need to complete the survey from CPAlead.  You can provide various coupons either digitally or printable coupons that they can use immediately.
4. Incentive-Based Website
In this website, you are giving away points or rewards for your visitors once they complete the survey.  Your readers will get various rewards (usually in the form of points or virtual currency) based on the complexity of each survey and how long it takes to complete.  After, your visitors can exchange their points or virtual currency to get free products, discounts, free software and various other rewards.
5. Music and Video Download Sites
Here you are providing download links to various music and videos.  Your readers will be allowed to preview the music or video that they choose to download.  Before they download their chosen music or video, they need to complete the necessary surveys on CPAlead gateway.  Once they have completed the survey, they can freely download the music or video.
Beside above five methods, you can also go for Instagram, Affiliate, Facebook as SMM. If you want to start your business with CPAlead, these five types of recommended websites are good places to start.  You will have better conversions and a high earning potential with these websites.

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