West Chester Connect Is On The Horizon!


Today the Windows Phone 8 app for “West Chester Connect” became available in the Windows Store. The iPhone and Android Apps are already available. Still waiting on Blackberry to approve our app, but that will not stop us from launching our very exciting new citizen engagement tool, “West Chester Connect” next month! Stay tuned for exciting details!

Work Orders shall be completed in a timely and professional manner at all times. It should be understood that anyone can access any work order filed through 
“West Chester Connect”.The mission of “West Chester Connect” is to provide enhanced communication between our community and our staff. Work Orders that are reported through “West Chester Connect” shall be handled in the same professional manner as service requests made by telephone, walk-in or email.
Citizens who submit work orders have the ability to receive “push notifications” on their mobile device as the work order is processed.
Work Orders completed through “West Chester Connect” are a public record and shall be handled in the most efficient manner possible.
The Borough of West Chester is committed to utilizing technology whenever possible in order to improve engagement and involvement between the members of our community and our government.