What is SEO and its Components?

What is SEO and it’s Components?
SEO and it’s Components?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These are just three words but these words do huge work. It stores so many components, reasons, factors, and reasons that why and how a website rank on any search engine especially Google.
Google has set near about 2,500 factors that can affect your website’s ranking. There are some major factors by following them you can rank your website on the top search results. These factors include headings, paragraphs, and article length, keyword optimization in the whole website, media, Meta tags, and other factors also. 
Today we are going to tell you these major factors that can help you to rank your website on the top results.

Keyword Selection

According to Indiashoppers first thing first, before doing any optimization or writing any article you must do research on the keywords that you are going to use. Keywords are the mainframe and major factor that can help you to get so much traffic as well as high CPC ads also. You have to pick some high searched keywords that are trending also. You selected keyword must have search results of more than 1,700. If it is more than 1700, the green signal for you.  

Domain Name

Wait, before starting any work in this list, first, you should have a better domain name for your website. Do your website’s name consist of a keyword that is searched on Google more than 40,000 to 45,000 per month? You have to pick some keywords that contain your idea and some search queries also. Make different combinations with all these words and get up with an effective domain name. Your domain name should be more than or equal to 14 alphabets. 


Headings are one of the best and simple tricks to make your website SEO friendly. This includes six sizes of headings but you can use H2 and H3 to make your articles more attractive. H2 is the most used heading in the world. If you are a WordPress user that you should be using H2 heading. The H2 heading is better understandable to Google also. Another thing that you have to follow strictly that your headings should contain keywords that you have selected for your article and content. 

Bullet Points

Bullet points or numeric list can help your website to get featured on Google cards. You may be thinking now that what is Google card? You might be seen some featured and short descriptions of any keyword in a Google search. You can read them without visiting that website. This feature can let you earn a huge amount of traffic.


After writing any article or page you should have a bunch of high definition and attractive media files also. This consists of images, videos, and audios. When you are putting any image on the website page you have to add some better keyword in the alt tag of the image that should be matched with the content on the page and in the media also. Alt tags are like if there is an image that has a person holding a blue umbrella, so you have to write “A person is holding a Blue umbrella”. This tag will help Google to understand your media and the content which it contains. 

Meta Tags

Not only inside a page, you have to optimize but in code also you have to do some basics of search engine optimization. What you have to do is just add some main keywords inside the header tag of the pages of your website. Google reads your page from head to body to footer. So if you add keywords inside the header tag Google will understand your page and content very quickly and rank your website soon. You can get detail of Off-Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring

Search Console

Google is just like a small kid to which we have to teach each and everything. So, by launching your website online you have to tell Google that you are working on a website that is performing under the Google results. You have to submit each link that is created in your website to the Google Search Console. By submitting links to Google it will send bots to your traffic to get to know about your content and website. 

These bots look for the best content and ranked keywords that can help your website to rank. It also helps your website to get in touch with Google and its bots so that in future your link will be appearing on the search results.
So these were some of the basic factors that affect SEO and by correcting them you can be on the top results of Google or any search engine. If you will follow all these steps your website will be on the top. 

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