Wholesome course information about iOS emulator

Wholesome course information about iOS emulator
information about iOS emulator

IOS emulator is mainly developed by Apple.Inc the only reason through which iPhone or iPad differs from other Android mobile phones. But, the best thing about iOS emulators is that now these emulators can also be installed in any of the windows PC. 

This sentence sounds a little impossible but yes it can be done and that too totally free of cost. Just you have to follow few steps to install whichever iOS emulator you wish to and as the installation is done you can use the iPhone or iPad applications whenever you wish. But, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is emulator differs a little bit from a simulator so the people that are newly familiarized with these terms should firstly know that which the best is for them either the emulator or the simulator. 

The only difference between the emulator and the simulator is that iOS emulators for windows create an iOS environment for running iPhone apps on windows PC whereas simulators also develop an operating system environment but they do not try to create a copy of hardware as emulators do. 

Also, most of the users prefer iOS emulators over simulators. As iOS emulator provides you a platform for testing and debugging apps before release while simulator lacks in it. There are vast options available for the best iOS emulators for PC today. So, people often get confused with which one will be the best to install as there are different iOS emulators designed for different purposes. So, you should be very clear with your choice for which purpose you want the iOS emulator. But, this iOS emulator once installed is not only limited to the purpose you installed it for you can keep it installed forever and you can use it whenever required. 

There are numerous benefits of installing any of the iOS emulators such as testing and debugging, cost-efficient, run applications on one or more operating systems. Also, the iOS emulator has become a big need in the sense that the majority of people have different platforms for sharing files. It also increases compatibility and ease between different platforms. And not only apple but windows also reap benefits from this smart innovation. Sharing a platform as well as services is as much profitable to windows as it is to Apple. 

Some of the pros and cons of iOS emulator can also be discussed as follows:


  • It’s easier to run iOS applications, programs and games on PC if you have an iOS emulator installed. 
  • Enables you to run systems like android as well as iOS. 
  • The best part is, with all these benefits it’s free of cost. You can download them without any charges on your PC and start using them there and then. 
  • IOS emulator is known to be user-friendly as well as easy to install on PC. 
  • It enables you to test and debug iOS apps and other programs on your PC without any issues. 


  • It takes up a lot of space in RAM
  • There are many high-quality games that would not run on a PC even if it has an iOS emulator. 
  • It slows the PC down considerably. 
  • Sometimes, you may not get better visuals even if your PC has sufficient GPU and processor. 

So, choose wisely whenever you select to install any of the iOS emulators and I hope you have got answers to all the questions you were searching for and hope you may get an idea for the best suitable iOS emulator for your PC. 

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