Why Your Business Needs An App

Mobile apps are a great way for a small business to stay competitive and to grow. Many customers of a business will access information and often make a purchase from a mobile device. This means any type of business that is not actively seeking these customers is missing the boat. Apps are easy to access and are an additional form of online marketing when used correctly. A well designed mobile app will help a business in a number of ways.

Local Targeting

The use of social media check-ins and providing customers with offers is one main purpose of a mobile app for a small business. The app can be used to provide information and specials when in proximity to a business. Customers will be using a smartphone or tablet when on the go. This means businesses with a mobile app can target customers who are in a local area.

Gather Feedback

Customers who use a mobile app are a source of information for a business. Data that is collected gives a business insight into aspects that are working or need improvement. This includes business marketing and any current online promotions that are being offered. Collecting data from a mobile app is easier than other types of data collection, such as surveys and website analytics.

Brand Awareness

The use of a mobile app is a great way to create brand awareness and expand its reach. Businesses with a mobile app often help the popularity of a brand due to positive influence. However, the app will need to be regularly updated to ensure customers retain interest so the brand does not become stale. Apps for a brand tend to show users things they need to didn’t know they needed.

Customer Relationships

The ability to leave feedback about a purchase or comment about a product is a great way a business is able to build customer relationships. Another aspect of the customer relationship is offering specials or discounts to subscribers or users as a reward for their interest and patronage. Special deals can also be offered by scanning a QR code or when making a specific purchase. A customer who has installed an app for a business on their mobile device will have it available at all times of the day. Mobile apps will allow a business to better connect with customers and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Business Evolution

The evolution of a business needs to include adapting to current trends. A mobile app is a new way that a business is able to generate additional revenue and profit. Mobile apps are a great way to create other avenues for marketing to consumers. If a business is not actively developing a mobile app, then the use of traditional marketing methods may be ineffective.

Push Notifications

Updates can be sent to customers through a mobile app anywhere they are and at any time. Reaching a customer via push notifications is similar to text message marketing. However, the difference is a push notification allows a user to quickly launch an app. A text message will not have the same functionality as push notifications. Messages can be sent about an upcoming event or other type of update.

Entertainment Factor

Many users of a smartphone or tablet computer enjoy playing games and using an app that will offer an interesting and fun experience. Apps for a business do not need to be straightforward or even mimic the functionality of a web page. If an app appears boring, then it will most likely be uninstalled. The best way to keep customers engaged is to provide a solution to a problem or provide a unique experience.

Social Media

The use of social media is the current trend among adolescents and adults. This means that an app for a business needs to interact with various social media platforms. One way to do this is to include the Like button for Facebook and a link to send a tweet to Twitter.

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