William Quince Colburn murdered relatives before killing himself

William Quince Colburn murdered relatives before killing himself

A South Texas teen murdered three family members, posted graphic photos of his carnage on social media and then killed himself when cops closed in, authorities said.

William Quince Colburn III gunned down William Colburn Jr., 63; Janna Colburn, 53; and Emma Colburn, 13 inside a recreational vehicle near Aransas Pass, authorities said. 

Cops began investigating Colburn III after being alerted to the disturbing images he posted Wednesday in a group on social media, the Aransas Pass Police Department said in a statement

In the post, Colburn III had threatened to continue the violence at a school, authorities said. 

Police tracked the teen Wednesday night to a RV park near Aransas Pass, authorities said. When they asked him to step outside, he refused, cops said.

Authorities then heard a gunshot and the thud of someone falling to the ground, police said. 

When cops entered the RV, they found Colburn III dead from a gunshot wound — as well as the bodies of three other victims, cops said. 

San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera said Colburn III and the three victims were related, but did not yet know the specifics. 

Investigators also found the bodies of two dogs in the RV, authorities said. 

Police said that if it weren’t for the “speedy action” of the social media site and the other teen members of the group where the threat was posted, “we might well have been working on an even more tragic event later this morning.”

“I’m glad that we were able to find him before something worse could have happened,” Rivera said.

It was unclear which school the teen was targeting — as he wasn’t registered at any local schools and appeared to be homeschooled.

“I’m not sure which school he planned to attack but he certainly had the weapons and ammunition to do so,” Rivera said.

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