Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Gets a Date

Today Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available to the general public on August 2.

The blog post didn’t provide any new details other than the headline with the date, so it was likely posted earlier than intended. However it is well known that update was due to be released by the end of the summer, so the August 2nd date makes sense.


Originally announced at this year’s Build conference, the Anniversary Update includes a large suite of new tools for Windows 10 users. Most exciting perhaps is a revamped set of stylus features with Windows Ink and the new Ink Workspace, which includes improved Sticky Notes with Cortana support, and a whiteboard & screen capture tool that you can get to from any app.

There are also a new set of API’s (application programming interface) allowing apps to better take advantage of inking tools, including a awesome new ruler than can be programmed into any UWP (universal windows platform) app.

This is also an important update for developers thanks to a native implementation of Ubuntu Bash, allowing Linux code to run natively right on top of Windows. For the first time, Windows has a real Unix terminal.


There are too many changes to list, but here are some notable ones:

  • The start menu has gotten a cleaner, more sensible redesign. (pictured above)
  • There’s a dark mode for all deppresives
  • Skype has a UWP app
  • Biometric authentication (Windows Hello) can be used to sign into apps and websites
  • Cortana can be augmented through apps and bots
  • Cortana can send notifications from your phone (even Android ones) to your PC, Apple Continuity style. Windows {hone users can answer phone calls on their PCs
  • Cortana works even when you’re logged out
  • You can finally switch between virtual desktops with a single gesture (a four-finger swipe)
  • Some UI refreshments and new icons
  • Notifications can now include images and more detail
  • Taskbar icons for UWP apps can show notification counts and other badges
  • Microsoft Edge finally has support for extensions, as well as gestures for navigating back and forward

Those of us who are Windows Insiders have been beta-testing the Anniversary Update since its announcement. The last couple of builds have been particularly stable so it seems Microsoft just has to just put some polish on it before August 2.

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