Windows 10 Free Offer Set to Expire

My friends there are only 4 days left to accept Microsoft’s free Windows 10 offer. After that upgrading will cost you, although I am not yet sure how much Microsoft will charge.
One thing is for certain, upgrading after July 29 will be much more than “free”.
There has been much bad press with Windows 10. In fact the bad press, much of it deserved began with the release of Windows 8 in the fall of 2012. However looking back is unwise. Windows 10 has actually developed into a very good operating system, especially if your PC is relatively new. My recommendation is that if your PC is less then 2 years old I would upgrade to Windows 10 for free, unless you have something unique running on your computer. Gamers should also be a little cautious in respect to moving to Windows 10.
Here are some reasons I believe upgrading to Windows 10 would be a wise choice.
1. Free upgrade. This is pretty simple.  Windows 10 is the best version of Windows thus far and has the highest customer satisfaction to date. This is also the final version of Windows.  And the best part is that all future updates will be free for the life of the computer.
2. Free Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  Update before the July 29th and you will be eligible for the Anniversary update on August 2 as well.  This update will vastly improve the current Windows 10.
3. Free Inspiron. Microsoft will give you a free Inspiron 15 laptop from Dell if they can’t update your laptop to Windows 10 with same-day service.
4. Cortana. Now you can have a personal assistant on your computer that is ready to inform you of the latest news, remind you of events and even tell if rain is on the way. You can simply speak of type your command and Cortana will come to respond in kind.
5. Continuum. This nifty feature allows Windows 10 users (who use tablet based system) to easily switch between a tablet and desktop view by simply disconnecting the keyboard from the tablet.  This allows for a more intuitive operating experience.
6. Superior Protection. Windows 10 is much more secure than Windows 7 or 8 thanks to Windows Defender, Windows Passport, and Windows Hello.  All of which are included free when you upgrade.
7. Enhanced Productivity.  Users can use Microsoft Edge (replacement for Internet Explorer) and Cortana to experience voice control, search, and garner personalized information. Users can use Edge to annotate web pages.  Annotations can then be stored on OneDrive and be used with other users.
8. DirectX 12. DirectX 12 will only be available with the Windows 10 upgrade. This is a must for hardcore PC gamers as it reduces power consumption and provides support for powerful graphics cards.
9. Xbox Compatibility.  Windows 10 will come with the Xbox app that allows for messaging across the systems, streaming Xbox games to your computer, and even playing certain games straight from your computer.
10. Powerful Utility Tools. Windows 10 bundled with extra tools that support activities such as easy version history recovery, quick and easy storage management, and natural language search. Windows power users will love such bonuses as Linux’s Bash shell, enhanced aero snap/ snap assist, virtual desktops and OneDrive Fetch.
So far, recent estimates show that more than 350 million people have upgraded to Windows 10.  However, this number falls considerably short of Microsoft’s goal to have 1 billion.  The countdown is on and there are still a few more days left.

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