Windows 8 Launch Nears


Although I have been out of town I have not be out of touch with technology news these past few days. Microsoft was apparently not deterred by my vacation and their company continues marching towards 2013 which is set to be one of their most exciting years in more then a decade.

Windows 8 RTM was just released to VLK and MAK customers which is good news because it provided me with some time to install the full version on both my home office PC and HP Ultrabook Folio 13. I had been using the “consumer preview” for the past few months now but I was very eager to see what the final release looked and performed like.

For the consumer market Windows 8 will be released on October 25, 2012.

Microsoft has just sent out invites to a Windows 8 event in New York City for that Thursday. The event starts at 10 a.m. (EDT), and also includes a Surface tablet announcement. The Surface Table promises to finally provide a true competitor to Apple’s IPAD.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s make it or break it operating system, is set to go public on October 26.

Microsoft had said the Surface tablet will go on sale the same day as Windows 8, meaning there will be a dual launch on October, 26.

Some Microsoft pop-up stores will spring up at the midnight hour to start selling the tab, while other Microsoft Stores will open their doors to the slate during normal business hours. I am disappointed to say that there are none of these stores in the Philadelphia area.

The Surface tablet which is being built my Microsoft will initially only be available directly through Microsoft either at one of their new stores or on their webpage and is listed at $499 (16GB) through $699 (64GB).

Windows 8 pricing is a little more complicated. Windows XP and Windows 7 customers will probably be able to upgrade their computers for less then $40 while new customers may expect to may close to $70. This price point is big change from what we have experienced in the past and most purchases will be direct downloads. The age of media is coming to an end friends.

I will be writing a detailed article regarding my experience with Windows 8 very shortly and I hope to get my grubby hands on a Surface in the near future as well.