WIndows 9 before Windows 8?


Tech Bloggers I will be out of town for a few days so this will be my last article until late next week, unless of course if some breaking news in the world of tech grabs my attention.

Do you ever think that technology is moving way to fast for you? For example by the time you get your new 55″ Samsung LED in your family room and setup it up it will have already been replaced with a new more superior model. This sadly happened to me only a couple of years ago. And to make matters worse no matter how much I try to explain that it has been replaced with a bigger-better model the wife simply will not improve it’s replacement! There is not much any of us can really do about this and in fact some news I just heard about Microsoft only reinforces this situation. Every regular reader of this tech blog knows that I am looking forward to “Windows 8” which has not even officially hit the market yet. Windows 8 which will bring big changes to how we used our computers is apparently already “old news”. I have been using the “Consumer Preview” of Windows 8 for about 4 months now and must say that it will turn some heads, drive some people crazy but I really-really like it.

According to several “insider” reports, Microsoft executives confirmed on October 3, 2012 that the company has begun to develop the next generation Windows 9 operating system.

Yes you heard me correctly. Microsoft’s “new” Windows 8 operating system will be on sale later this month, but the company has already started the development of their next-generation operating system. Although there is no official news, apparently Windows 9 will be the next major project that the company will release.

Interestingly, sources said that Microsoft is developing what they are calling Windows Blue, a very different Windows follow-up system from Windows 8.

Microsoft has obviously learned from Apple that to remain relevant, new and interesting updates are required in order to survive today if you are in the business of technology.