Windows 95 is Alive!

I still get goosebumps when I hear that awesome Windows 95 startup jingle and now its possible to travel back 20+ years to a time with Windows 95 ruled the world.

This is all possible because of a 19 year old developer. Andrea Faulds, all the way from Scotland Scotland, managed to get Windows 95 to function fully in the browser without any plugins.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.24.24 AM

It’s a truly incredible sight to behold: seeing the 20-year-old operating system fully functioning in pure JavaScript is amazing — you can play Freecell, mess around in DOS or just enjoy the nostalgia.

The project uses emscripten, an emulator that compiles C++ code to JavaScript at runtime so you can enjoy the full retro experience without needing to install a plugin or set up Windows 95 from scratch.

Just the thought of how many layers of complexity are here is dizzying: an operating system being compiled to JavaScript, delivered over the internet and successfully interpreted by a browser.

Be aware it can take a few minutes to load and do not panic when it asks for permission to disable your mouse. You need to do this so you can work with Windows 95 in the emulator. To have you mouse regain control just select the “Esc” key when you are done playing with Windows 95.

The emulator isn’t perfect (Internet Explorer crashes inside the emulator, which is to be expected) but it’s an impressive demo of how far we have come in 21 years!

You can travel back in time here and relive the glory of Windows 95.

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