Windows Black Screen recap


Following our most recent post last night we believe there may still be confusion related to the Windows Black Screen issue. Following the issue of our fix, which continues to receive significant downloads, we believe that this problem is still affecting a very large number of users in a very diverse range of windows environments. There have been more than 50,000 downloads of the free fix tool since we made it available 5 days ago.

Referring back to the original post where the issue was first highlighted, we stated that there ‘appear’ to be many causes to the black screen issue. In addition, that customers who had experienced the problem in the past two weeks, after the last Windows update (or after running a security programme), our fix will have a high probability of working. We subsequently posted an update stating that following further tests the conditions under which the actual black screen is triggered are spasmodic. Moreover, we stated that some test systems always trigger the condition, others are less consistent and also highlighted two windows patches that seemed common to the issue.

As you will see, at no time have we categorically stated that these patches are the cause of the Black Screen problem. We shared our initial findings around the two patches with Microsoft, conducted further tests and have confirmed that these specific updates are not the root cause.

The emergence of this issue coincided with the recent set of Windows updates, therefore our investigations were focused on identifying if any of these could have been the cause of the problem. We have covered this further in the previous blog.

Regrettably, it is clear that our original blog post has been taken out of context and may have caused an inconvenience for Microsoft. This was never our intention and we have already apologised to Microsoft. Microsoft is a valued partner and our fix was developed to ensure its customers were able to quickly resolve the Black Screen issue without having to reinstall Windows as some users indicated.