Windows Build 14295 Arrives for Insiders

I had taken a break from the Microsoft Windows Insider Preview but now I am back. What this means is that my Windows PCs (including my Microsoft Book & Microsoft Surface 4) will get Windows 10 updates on a “fast ring”, several months ahead of the regular market. This also means that I am sure to have some technical glitches along the way but that is part of price you pay if you want to experience what Microsoft has offer with Windows 10 ahead of the masses. The good news for you, my dedicated readers is that you will get a preview right here about what is around the corner for you in respect to Windows 10. So with all of this being understood my first new build occurred today with Windows Insider Build 14295.

So here is what I found after installing the new build.

The biggest fix for PC users is that this repairs a problem that caused Kaspersky security products to not work as expected.

Gamers should also be happy with this patch, since Microsoft fixed a bug that caused Windows 10 PCs running the previous beta build to crash when users plugged in Xbox One or Xbox 360 controllers. The company also fixed a problem that prevented the Xbox app and other Xbox Live-enabled apps and games from signing in.

On the mobile side of things, users will now be able to reset their phones and restore from a backup and get all their applications re-installed. On the previous beta build, they’d be stuck looking at blank gray tiles on the phone’s home screen.

These updates don’t mean the release is bug-free, however. PC users who rely on a PIN or Windows Hello to log into their devices will see performance reduced because of a bug in the underlying Microsoft Passport service. To deal with that, they can type in a long terminal command to temporarily disable the ability to log in with those methods until Microsoft pushes another update.

windows 10 insider port ios apps to windows 10 preview

Mobile users will find that after upgrading, they’ll experience “sync issues” with both versions of Microsoft’s Band fitness tracker. To deal with that, users will have to reset their phones and re-pair their Bands to get them working properly again.

These updates just go to show how frequently Microsoft is releasing new builds of Windows 10. This is the second release in two weeks of a beta build for both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 for PCs and tablets. The good news is that Microsoft is putting out more bits faster. The bad news is that people who are willing to spend time on the cutting edge will have to deal with some rough edges to get the latest features.

This build will reportedly be the last released before Microsoft’s big Build developer conference, taking place in San Francisco next week. Users and developers alike should expect some fresh news there about where Windows 10 is going in the near future and what they can look forward to from Microsoft’s operating system.

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