Windows Phone Moves into 3rd Place

I have been predicting this for almost a year now so when I read that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has leaped past Blackberry (formally known as RIM) into the third place position for mobile operating systems I just had to report it here.

Stategy Analytics reveled on February 6, 2013 that “Microsoft Windows Phone” overtook Blackberry OS to become the third largest smartphone platform in the United States maket during Q4 2012.
Blackberry had held this position since 2006 so this is big news for Microsoft as they struggle to gain market share in the mobile world.

If you are a regular reader of this fine blog you will recall that I used a Windows 8 phone throughout January. Although I switched back to my iPhone afterward i was impressed with many of the features Windows 8 had to offer. However the platform is still in the infancy stage and needs a little more time to develop. I am hopeful that I will soon be switching back to the Windows Phone because I do miss having Microsoft Office and Skydrive always accessible to me.