Wisconsin cops hunt for ‘dating app predator’ Timothy Olson

Wisconsin cops hunt for 'dating app predator' Timothy Olson

Police in Wisconsin are searching for a suspected serial dating app “predator” accused of drugging and stealing from women — who is now considered a person of interest in a woman’s death.

Timothy Olson, 52, has been tied to at least three incidents in which women fell unconscious and were robbed after meeting up with him, police in South Milwaukee said.

According to police, Olson was with a 55-year-old women at a bar on 10th Ave. on Nov. 17 just before she blacked out and later died.

A bartender at the tavern called Powers told the station WISN that Olson and his date were there for just a couple of minutes and had not even taken a sip of their drinks when the woman experienced an unspecified medical emergency and lost consciousness.

Bar employee Sam Anderson said the woman’s date, Olson, yelled that he was leaving to bring an inhaler for her but never returned.

Timothy Olson
Timothy Olson, 52, is wanted by police for questioning about a possible Nov. 17 murder.
Racine Police Dept.

The unnamed woman was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Police said they still don’t know how the woman died and are waiting for her autopsy results

Police in Racine have now sent out multiple alerts warning women in the area to be on the lookout for Olson, who is accused of targeting dating app users, drugging them and then using their credit cards.

One alleged victim claimed in a criminal complaint filed in September that she had encountered Olson on Match.com, where he went by the alias “Tim Wilson,” and agreed to meet him in person at a bar, reported Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Police say this surveillance footage shows Olson at a bar with the woman just before she died.
Police say surveillance footage shows Olson at a bar with the woman just before she died.
Police Handout

She said that after their date, she could not remember her ride home and later discovered $800 worth of unauthorized transactions on her bank card.

Olson is described as 6’3″ tall and weighing around 250 pounds. He is currently wanted by the US Marshalls on a warrant charging him with five counts of felony personal ID theft-financial gain.

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