Woman busts cheater after noticing another reflection in photo


An Illinois woman can thank her eagle eyes for helping her bust her guy as a cheater — catching a glimpse of another lady’s reflection in a photo that he’d sent to her.

Kayla Paeth, 26, who lives near Chicago, exposed her love interest as a two-timer Monday in a video on her TikTok account.

“Gets a [Snapchat photo] from the man I’m talking to….” she wrote across the image that he sent her of the meal he was cooking, before zooming in on the reflection of a woman on a shiny surface.

Paeth pointed out that although all she could see were the person’s hands, they had on white acrylic nails, bracelets, a rose gold Apple watch and a ring.

“Gots [sic] to do better my guy lmao,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

The video, which has received more than 1 million views, was flooded with comments applauding her investigative skills.

Kayla Paeth from another video
Paeth (seen here in another video) was praised for her investigative skills.

“We’re literally better than the FBI i swearrrrrrr. I hope you’re ok!!” wrote one user.

“Attention to detail. ‘Rose gold watch and a ring.’ Impressive” chimed in another user.

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