Woman who died during hike was with off-duty Phoenix cop

Woman who died during hike was with off-duty Phoenix cop

A Massachusetts woman who died after cutting short an Arizona desert hike amid searing temps took her ill-fated trek with an off-duty Phoenix cop, department officials said.

Dario Dizdar, a 14-year department vet, was identified Monday by KNXV as the previously unnamed city employee who was hiking with Angela Tramonte, 31, before her body was found Friday off the Echo Canyon Trail near a home on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

Dizdar — who was meeting Tramonte for the first time in person — had communicated with her online for months before the Saugus woman flew out of Boston Thursday to visit him. The pair traded private messages on Instagram discussing her upcoming trip, KNXV reported.

Dizdar reportedly told investigators he was Tramonte’s “boyfriend” and that she got overheated halfway up the trail on the 2,706-foot peak and turned back. The off-duty cop decided to press on and planned to meet his newfound love interest back at a parking lot, but she never made it to the location, Phoenix fire officials said.

No charges have been filed in Tramonte’s death, a Phoenix police spokeswoman told The Post Tuesday.

Angela Tramonte
No charges have been filed in Angela Tramonte’s death, a Phoenix police spokeswoman told The Post Tuesday.

“Currently the investigation is not a criminal one,” spokeswoman Mercedes Fortune wrote in an email. “The witness is a Phoenix police employee.”

The medical examiner is awaiting toxicology to determine Tramonte’s cause of death, which could take up to 90 days, Fortune said. Temps in Phoenix reportedly reached 104 degrees Friday.

Phoenix police issued a statement late Monday identifying the person who called 911 when he couldn’t find Tramonte at the parking lot as an off-duty officer. Dizdar’s name, however, was not released by the department.

“The witness also told officers, during the hike Ms. Tramonte decided to head back down the trail and asked him to continue to the top to take pictures so that she could share them on social media,” police said in a statement.

Neither Dizdar nor Tramonte had water with them during the hike. Tramonte’s body was found nearly four hours after cops got the off-duty cop’s 911 call, police said.

“The city employee who was with Ms. Tramonte is a witness and is cooperating with investigators,” Phoenix police said. “He has been granted personal time off and has been offered resources to deal with this tragedy.”

Dizdar has lied to police before, according to KNXV. He was among a group of 100-plus Phoenix officers who were named in December as being listed in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office “Brady list,” which tracks law enforcement officials with alleged integrity concerns, including lying on the job, the station reported.

Dizdar was at a bar in Glendale in 2009 when he was approached by a cop who questioned him about a friend who was allegedly assaulted outside, according to an internal city of Phoenix report.

 Camelback Mountain
Tramonte died at Camelback Mountain in Arizona.
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Dizdar did not witness the alleged attack, but identified himself as a Phoenix police officer before giving the Glendale cop a false name and date of birth, the report shows.

Dizdar also gave the cop the victim’s wrong number, but notified his supervisor during his next shift that he lied to the Glendale officer, the report shows, adding that the allegation against was sustained.

Tramonte, meanwhile, had been in Arizona for less than 24 hours before she died, friends told CBS Boston.

“We want justice,” Tramonte’s friend, Stacey Gerardi, told the station. “We want answers. We need to keep pushing. That was my sister. We had 25 years of friendship.”

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